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Accurate data, up-to-date research, and knowledge of effective strategies and interventions are all essential to our ability to prevent suicide. Here you will find introductory information on these and other issues, plus links to resources that can help you learn more.


icon for The Scope of the Problem

Scope of the Problem

An overview of the magnitude and patterns of suicidal behavior in the United States.

icon for Suicide Prevention in the 21st Century In this section

Suicide Prevention in the 21st Century

Three complementary approaches that guide suicide prevention as it is practiced today.

icon for Strategies, Interventions, and Activities

Taking Action to Prevent Suicide

Information to help identify people at risk, find and use data, work with suicide loss or attempt survivors, promote responsible messaging and reporting, and introduce upstream approaches.

icon for Roles in Suicide Prevention

Roles in Suicide Prevention

A series of information sheets for first responders, teachers, corrections officers, parents, teens, and others about how they can help prevent suicide.

icon for State and National Organizations and Agencies

State and National Partners

Organizations and agencies that provide leadership, information, and resources to the field of suicide prevention.


icon for Glossary


A comprehensive list of terms and concepts used in suicide prevention.