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Roles in Suicide Prevention

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Customized Information Sheets

Does your job bring you in contact with people who may be at risk of suicide?

Perhaps you work in a school or a first responder agency?

Or you may be an employer or a foster parent?

Do you know how you can help prevent suicide?

SPRC has created a series of information sheets for people in positions that bring them in contact with individuals who may be at risk for suicide. Each sheet is customized to a specific role and setting, and includes:

  • Scenarios you may encounter
  • Guidance in recognizing and responding to individuals who may be at risk of suicide
  • Suicide prevention resources specific to your audience

The following fact sheets are available as PDFs:

You may reproduce and distribute the fact sheets as long as you retain SPRC’s copyright information and website address.

New Resource SheetsResources images

If you are a teen, family member, or survivor of suicide loss, you may need suicide prevention information for yourself or others. Fortunately, there are many excellent suicide prevention resources for these individuals. SPRC has compiled these resources into annotated lists.

Resource sheets are available for the following: