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Roles in Suicide Prevention

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Suicide prevention can—and should—take place in many settings. Almost anyone can take action to help prevent suicide. Teachers can observe students' behavior and seek help when they suspect a student may be at risk of self-harm. Workplace managers can offer gatekeeper trainings to their employees. Teens can talk to their friends, and go to their parents or other trusted adults, if they think someone they know may be at risk for suicide.

SPRC offers resources to help you play a role in suicide prevention.


For Professionals

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SPRC’s Customized Information Sheets on Roles in Suicide Prevention can help professionals in a variety of roles take action to prevent suicide. These resources are available free of charge for you to reproduce and distribute in your workplace or community.

For the Public

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Some people have a special relationship to suicide prevention through their personal experience or their connections to loved ones who are or have been at risk for suicide. SPRC’s Suicide Prevention Resource Sheets can connect you with organizations and resources to help you in your particular role: