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Recommendations for School-based Suicide Prevention Screening

Type of Program: 
Guidelines & Protocols
2012 NSSP Objectives Addessed*: 


Program Description: 

Developed by the Lessons Learned Working Group (LLWG), Recommendations for School-Based Suicide Prevention Screening provides research-based recommendations for those interested in selecting or developing, and then implementing a screening program to prevent suicide. The Recommendations were developed based on (1) a review of the available research literature, (2) data collected from Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act (GLS) grant sites, and (3) direct input from selected GLS grantees. The group created thirteen recommendations for the selection or development, as well as implementation, of school-based screening programs to identify those at risk for suicide. Draft versions of the Recommendations were then reviewed and modified based on input from program developers and experts in the field of suicide prevention. Because these recommendations were based on research and evaluation and informed by lessons learned from grantees, the LLWG believes they are likely to improve the effectiveness of school-based suicide prevention screening.

Program Objectives: 

Those who read the recommendations will have increased:

  1. Understanding of the importance of involving multiple stakeholders during planning.
  2. Understanding the importance of protocols to increase screening effectiveness and safety.
  3. Understanding of the importance of working with qualified behavioral health professionals.
  4. Knowledge of the importance of pre-determined referral mechanisms for students who may be at-risk of suicide.
Contact Information: 

Michael (Chad) RodiI
CF Macro 3 Corporate Square NE
Suite 370 Atlanta, GA 30329
Voice: 404-592-2116


The Recommendations can be downloaded from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center website at

First Posted: 
Jun 15 2012
Objective 5.2: Encourage community-based settings to implement effective programs and provide education that promote wellness and prevent suicide and related behaviors.

*The content of programs listed in Section II (Expert and Consensus Statements) of the SPRC/AFSP Best Practices Registry address specific goals of the National Strategy for Suicide Prevention and have been reviewed by a panel of three suicide prevention experts and found to meet standards of importance, likelihood of meeting objectives, accuracy, safety, congruence with prevailing knowledge, and appropriateness of development process. Programs were not reviewed for evidence of effectiveness. Additional information about the Best Practices Registry can be found at