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Section I: Evidence-Based Programs

Section I of the Best Practices Registry (BPR) lists evidence-based programs, that is, interventions that have undergone rigorous evaluation and demonstrated positive outcomes (as opposed to Section III programs, whose content is reviewed). It is accurate to say Section I programs are effective, although their effectiveness may not hold true for all audiences or settings. Also see “NREPP Description” and “Guidance for NREPP Users” (links at right) for more details.

Section I: Evidence-Based Programs combines programs from two sources:

  • National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices (NREPP)
    NREPP is SAMHSA’s online registry of interventions that have demonstrated effectiveness in the prevention or treatment of mental health and substance use disorders, including some interventions that address suicide. While NREPP is independent of the BPR, all suicide-related interventions listed in NREPP are also included in Section I of the BPR. 
  • SPRC/AFSP Evidence-Based Practices Project (EBPP)
    The EBPP was a previous effort to identify evidence-based suicide prevention practices. Interviews for the EBPP were stopped in 2005 when SAMSHA began reviewing suicide-related interventions for NREPP. Based on expert review, the EBPP included 12 evidence-based programs that were classified as either effective or promising. These 12 programs continue to be included in Section I of the BPR (most are now also listed in NREPP.) For more information about the EBPP, see EBPP Project Description (PDF) and List of Programs Identified by the EBPP (PDF).

Because NREPP is the primary source for BPR Section I programs, the remainder of this page focuses on NREPP.

Section I Listings: Evidence-Based Programs

The list below includes suicide-related interventions currently listed in NREPP and those previously identified by the EBPP. (Several programs are listed in both registries.) NREPP-listed programs are linked to the program description on the NREPP website. EBPP program information is provided in a program fact sheet (PDF format).

Title Type of Program Organization Factsheet
American Indian Life Skills Development/Zuni Life Skills Development Education & Training University of Washington Press  icon
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Education & Training LivingWorks  icon
Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) Treatment Treatment Advocacy Center  icon
Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT) Treatment Drexel University  icon
Brief Psychological Intervention after Deliberate Self-Poisoning Treatment University of Manchester application/pdf icon
CAST (Coping and Support Training) Education & Training Reconnecting Youth, Inc.  icon
Dialectical Behavior Therapy Treatment Behavioral Tech LLC  icon
Dynamic Deconstructive Psychotherapy (DDP) Treatment Upstate Medical University, NY  icon
Emergency Department Means Restriction Education Education & Training Markus J. Kruesi M.D.  icon
Emergency Room Intervention for Adolescent Females Treatment Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus, Ph.D.  icon
Kognito At-Risk for College Students Education & Training Kognito Interactive  icon
Kognito At-Risk for High School Educators Education & Training Kognito Interactive  icon
Kognito Family of Heroes Education & Training Kognito Interactive  icon
LEADS: For Youth (Linking Education and Awareness of Depression and Suicide) Education & Training Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE)  icon
Lifelines Curriculum Education & Training Hazelden  icon
Model Adolescent Suicide Prevention Program (MASPP) Education & Training North Central Community-Based Services  icon
Multisystemic Therapy With Psychiatric Supports (MST-Psychiatric) Treatment MST Institute  icon
PROSPECT (Prevention of Suicide in Primary Care Elderly: Collaborative Trial) Treatment Patrick J. Raue, Ph.D.  icon
QPR Gatekeeper Training for Suicide Prevention Education & Training QPR Institute  icon
Reconnecting Youth Education & Training Reconnecting Youth Inc.  icon
Reduced Analgesic Packaging Guidelines & Protocols Keith Hawton application/pdf icon
SOS Signs of Suicide Education & Training Screening for Mental Health  icon
Sources of Strength Education & Training Sources of Strength, Inc.  icon
United States Air Force Suicide Prevention Program Education & Training United States Air Force  icon