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Campus Data

CAmpus DataAvailable data suggests that suicide is a public health problem at colleges and universities. Moreover, mental health problems that are associated with suicide and other adverse outcomes affect a substantial proportion of college students. These problems can negatively affect students' academic performance and quality of life. To build momentum for prevention efforts, campuses should start by examining current research on campus suicide and mental health problems and the associated consequences. This information will also help colleges and universities to implement strategies that address the known risk and protective factors for suicide among those students most at risk.


Data from several sources indicate that a significant number of students on campuses across the country experience mental health problems, and approximately 1,100 students die by suicide each year.

Risk and Protective Factors

Risk and protective factors for mental health problems and suicidal behavior may be individual or environmental in nature.


Mental health problems and suicidal behavior affect individual students, their families, and the campus environment.