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Strategic Planning: Implement interventions, evaluate, make improvements.

Senior administrators and other stakeholders will want to know about the quality of implementation and program results.  Getting to Outcomes™ suggests that stakeholders are likely to ask the following questions:

  • What activities were implemented?
  • What were the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation?
  • Was the program implemented as planned?
  • Was the program implemented with quality?
  • Was it effective?
  • Should we continue the program?
  • What can be modified to make the program more effective?
  • What evidence proves that funders should continue to spend their money on this program?

Data on how the program was implemented can be used to improve the program.  It is essential to develop a plan for communicating successes, including good implementation case studies and data on program results, to senior administrators and key stakeholders.  Marketing successes to campus staff, potential partners, and possible funders is key to sustaining suicide prevention and mental health promotion efforts.