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Director's Blog - Adolescent (13-17)

Beyond Rhetoric: Does It Get Better?

Posted by

Stephen Russell, University of Arizona, Member, SPRC Steering Committee
Guest Columnist

on October 4, 2013

Everything changed when the attention of the media was captured by several highly visible youth suicides that seemed to be directly linked to homophobic bullying. Suddenly the public was aware of LGBT youth and bullying, as well as the implications of bullying for mental health and suicide. This has been a major cultural shift from silence (arguably denial) to dramatic public, media, and...
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A Teachable Moment for Schools - An Update

Posted by

Jerry Reed

on July 6, 2011

“How much louder does the public’s concern and outcry have to be before reason prevails?” These are the words of Steve Stuban, father of Nick Stuban. Nick Stuban’s death by suicide in January motivated an outcry from parents, students...
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