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Jerry Reed, Director of SPRC Each month, SPRC Director Jerry Reed will offer his perspective on a current issue in suicide prevention. Jerry, who has been working in the field of suicide prevention since 1997 and with SPRC since 2008, brings to his role significant experience in advocacy and public policy, a 15-year career as a civil servant with the Department of the Army, and experience working directly with the U.S. Congress. Jerry’s professional interest in the field of suicide prevention started as a result of his work in the Office of Senator Harry Reid. The Director’s Corner occasionally features guest columns by distinguished members of the suicide prevention community.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: The First Ten Years

Posted by

John Draper, PhD 

Director, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Member, SPRC Steering Committee

on January 5, 2015

The tenth anniversary of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides an opportunity to look back and ask “What have we accomplished?” The first accomplishment that comes to mind is the expansion of our services. In 2005, we started with a network of 109 centers and answered about 20,000 crisis calls. In 2014, our expanded network of 165 member centers answered about 1.5...

Introducing the SPARK Talks

Posted by

Jerry Reed, Ph.D

on December 15, 2014

I am pleased to be able to use this Director’s Corner to introduce the SPARK Talks, a new and special resource from SPRC. These Short, Provocative, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Knowledgeable videos are designed to spark conversation, innovation, and action. The first set of SPARK Talks includes contributions from:

  • Myself (Jerry Reed...

Suicide in Late Life: Unique Factors and Enduring Treatment Gaps

Posted by

Bradley E. Karlin, Ph.D.
Chief, Mental Health and Aging, Education Development Center
Senior Advisor, Evidence-Based Practices, Suicide Prevention Resource Center

on October 7, 2014

Suicide among older adults (individuals 65+) is a major public health concern. While the overall suicide rate among older adults has declined somewhat in recent years, the suicide rate for males is highest among those 75 and older. Moreover, suicide in late life is on course to become a greater societal concern in light of projected increases in both the prevalence of mental illness –...

Connecting for Suicide Prevention

Posted by

Jerry Reed

on September 4, 2014

The theme of this year’s World Suicide Prevention Day/National Suicide Prevention Week is Suicide Prevention: One World Connected. The importance of social connections is not news to those of us engaged in suicide prevention. As a protective factor, social connectedness is so critical that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made it the theme of its five-year strategic...

The Framework for Successful Messaging

Posted by Jerry Reed on August 8, 2014

Each September, World Suicide Prevention Day and National Suicide Prevention Week provide special opportunities to bring our message of prevention to millions of people around the world. This year, we have an exciting new resource to help us engage the public in suicide prevention and enlist them in supporting the cause that means so much to so many of us. The new resource is the National...