2009 Garrett Lee Smith State and Tribal Suicide Prevention Grantee Meeting

Event Type:  Grantee Meeting
Date:  Monday, January 5, 2009 - 7:00am to Thursday, January 8, 2009 - 3:30pm (America/New_York)

AGENDA for 2009 Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Grantee Meeting

Note: Some presentations are not included due to outdated content

Establishing Effective Working Relationships With Subcontractors or Subgrantees

Scott Perkins, Missouri
Melissa Allen, Washington
WyAngela Knight Singh, Oklahoma

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State Initiatives to Build Suicide Prevention Infrastructure

Brian Altman, SPAN USA
Lisa Shumaker, Arizona
Scott Ridgway, Tennessee
Shel Gross, Wisconsin

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Tell Your Story Well: Merging Evaluation and Communication for Sustainability

Adrienne Dealy, Communication Resource Center

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Partnership and Coalition Building: Forging Sustainable Partnerships for Suicide Prevention

Trina Evans Williams, Louisiana
Chandra Story, Idaho
Dustin Keller, Tennessee

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Addressing System Barriers in Working with Diverse Groups: Deaf/Hard-of-hearing Youth, the Military, and Juvenile Court Settings

Shel Gross, Wisconsin
Ken Norton, New Hampshire
Shellie Moskos, Utah

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Identifying Risk and Protective Factors—Implications for prevention. What Factors Can We Change and How Can Those Be Identified?

Juliette Mackin, NARA Northwest
Caroline Cruz, Oregon Tribal and Minority Liaison
Ken Norton, New Hampshire
Shellie Moskos, Utah

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States Working With Tribes: Challenges and Successes

Donnie Wetzel, Jr., Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council
Jason Yarmer, NARA Northwest
Caroline Cruz, Oregon
Lisa Shumaker, Arizona

Coordination With Other Prevention and Community Programs

Jeff Inman, Cobb County AAR
Christine Canty Brooks, Maine

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Community Based Participatory Research: What Is it and How Has it Contributed to Grantee Suicide Prevention Work?

Mary Cwik, White Mountain Apache/JHU
Novalene Goklish, White Mountain Apache/JHU
Lauren Tingey, White Mountain Apache/JHU


Populations:  Young Adults Ages 18 to 25 Years, Youth, American Indians and Alaska Natives, Military Service Members and Veterans, People with Physical Health Problems or Disabilities, People in Particular Occupations
Settings:  American Indian/Alaska Native Settings, Schools, Outpatient Mental Health, Colleges and Universities
About Suicide:  Data and Statistics, Depression/Bipolar, Risk and Protective Factors
Planning and Implementing:  Finding and Using Data, Program Evaluation, Evidence-Based Prevention, Culturally Based Practices, Funding, Sustainability, Partnerships and Coalitions, Policy and Legislation, Education and Training, Strategic Planning, Promoting Mental Health
Strategies:  Overview of Strategies, Gatekeeper Training, Screening and Assessment, Treatment, Postvention