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Professionals Providing Social Services

Suicide has no boundaries.

Individuals everywhere—of all ages, ethnic groups, incomes, and sexual orientation—attempt and die by suicide.

Some populations, however, have higher rates of suicidal behavior than others.

If you are a professional who serves these populations, you can help reduce these suicide rates. How? Include suicide prevention activities and policies in your organization’s existing programs and services.

Listed below are organizations and settings serving populations with high rates of suicide.

The resources provided for each will help you understand:

  • Why a particular population may be at risk of suicide
  • What you can do to help reduce that risk

Correction Officer with InmateAdult Correctional FacilitiesCorrectional Officer Resource Image



EMSEMS Providers and FirefightersEMS



Faith Based OrganizationsFaith-Based OrganizationsAfter a suicide: Recommendations for religious services and other public memorial observances


Foster Care imageFoster Mother and Child imageFoster Care




Juvenile Justice FacilitiesJuvenile Justice FacilitiesJuvenile Correctional Curriculum



Military and Verteran' Serving OrganizationsMilitary and Veterans’ Serving Organizations


Programs Serving Older AdultsPrograms Serving Older AdultsJuvenile Correctional Curriculum

School and Youth-serving OrganizationsSchools and Youth-serving OrganizationsPreventing Suicide Among LGBT Youth