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Welcome to the Primary Care Toolkit

Welcome to the Online Suicide Prevention Toolkit for Rural Primary Care. Primary care providers have an important role to play in suicide prevention. To learn more see A Letter to Primary Care Providers.

This Toolkit can be used by all primary care providers, including those in non-rural settings. It contains tools, information, and resources to implement state-of-the art suicide prevention practices and overcome barriers to treating suicidal patients in the primary care setting. You’ll find assessment guidelines, safety plans, billing tips, sample protocols, and more.

The Toolkit was developed by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC) and the Western Interstate Commission of Higher Education (WICHE) Mental Health Program. The materials offered through this website may be reproduced for use within your practice. Further distribution without the express consent of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center is prohibited.

In addition to this web-based version, the Toolkit is also available as a free PDF, and as a printed booklet available for $25 through the WICHE Mental Health Program: Email or call 202-541-0311.

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Order a Toolkit Now: Hard copies of the toolkit are available for $25.00 through WICHE Mental Health Program. Please contact WICHE Mental Health Program at or call 303-541-0311. Toolkit material may be printed directly from this website.