NW Portland Area Indian Health Board

Program Name:  THRIVE
Grant Type:  Garrett Lee Smith Tribal
Grant Status:  Active
Year Awarded:  2014
State:  Oregon

Housed at the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, the THRIVE project (Tribal Health: Reaching out InVolves Everyone) provides suicide prevention training and technical assistance to the 43 federally-recognized tribes in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho (NW). In collaboration with the NW tribes, tribal clinics, and regional partners, the project will build regional suicide-prevention capacity and prevent suicide among AI/AN youth 10-24 years old.

THRIVE activities will increase the availability and use of culturally-appropriate services, resources, and messages that meet the unique needs of AI/AN youth. Our approach incorporates suicide prevention activities across the 10-24 year statutory age range and includes activities targeting: Physical Environments & Public Policy (e.g. Establish crisis response plans), Structural & Organizational Systems (e.g. Improve clinical practice; availability of wrap-around services), Community and Family Norms (e.g. Social norms surrounding use of mental health services, Help parents/family identify signs of suicide ideation or intent), and Individual Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors (e.g. Improve perceptions of self-worth, self-efficacy, and connections to family/school/tribe; decrease bullying, A&D use, and other risky behaviors). For complex topics such as suicide, multilevel public health interventions offer the best opportunity to achieve sustained behavior change over time. Our primary goals are to:

Goal 1. Improve tribal suicide prevention policies and environments through coordination, collaboration, and resource sharing across tribes, departments, and programs.

Goal 2. Enhance organizational systems and practices in IHS, Tribal, and Urban (I/T/U) clinics to provide suicide treatment and prevention services to 300 AI/AN youth each year.

Goal 3. Develop and disseminate three culturally-appropriate social marketing campaigns (targeting AI/AN youth, LGBT youth, and young veterans) to promote healthy social norms surrounding the use of mental health services and use of the national Lifeline.

Goal 4. Improve knowledge, attitudes and behaviors among 140 AI/AN youth in the Pacific Northwest using culturally-appropriate, evidence-based suicide prevention interventions (EBIs). Each year, the THRIVE project will issue 3 subcontracts with NW tribes and one subcontract with an Institution of Higher Education (Heritage University) to implement an EBIs targeting AI/AN youth in their communities.

Over 344,000 AI/ANs reside in the NW, representing 6.6% of the nation's AI/AN population. Over five years, our activities will reach: 700 AI/AN youth with culturally-appropriate EBIs, 1,500 AI/AN youth with treatment, prevention, and wrap-around services, 525 youth-serving adults with community-based gatekeeper training, and 250 youth-serving adults with other evidence-based trainings and webinars. Additionally, each social marketing campaign created by THRIVE will be disseminated to 60 or more tribes located throughout the U.S., and social media messages delivered via We R Native will reach 31,000 AI/AN viewers per week across the U.S.