University of Southern Mississippi

Program Name:  University of Southern Mississippi
Grant Type:  Garrett Lee Smith Campus
Grant Status:  Alumni
Year Awarded:  2006
State:  Mississippi

The University Counseling Center, a comprehensive mental health service provider of the University of Southern Mississippi, plans to improve and enhance its educational, training, and evaluation components needed to promote suicide prevention. This project focuses on clinical, educational and training interventions that will promote suicide awareness and decrease the occurrence of suicidal attempts and suicide of students at USM. This project includes campus activities that will highlight mental health issues and decrease the stigma surrounding asking for help. In addition, the gatekeepers of the University will be provided with training to improve response to students in crisis. This Suicide Prevention Project will include the formation of a collaborative task force that will create and implement a campus response plan to reduce suicide on campus. Through this project, the UCC will also improve data collection and evaluation that will guide its clinical, educational, and training responsibilities around the issues of mental health at USM.