Valencia College

Grant Type:  Community College
Grant Status:  Active
Year Awarded:  2019
State:  Florida

Valencia College seeks funding to develop a Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT), an initiative that will:

1) Define a behavioral intervention plan to include a multi-disciplinary communication and escalation plan per campus, along
with training for faculty and staff to identify questionable student behaviors early on, an intervention approach rather
than a reactive response.

2) Build a more robust crisis identification system and response infrastructure, with the goal of triangulating multiple sources of data into one reporting system and structure 3) Launch a student campaign to teach students about identification and intervention of mental health and substance abuse disorders.

This three year project, based on a triage model, aligns with the Comprehensive Approach to Suicide Prevention, a model
advocated by the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC). Valencia College is a multi-campus designated Hispanic
Serving Institution and high minority college, with 29% of students being first generation. The College serves veterans,
international students, students with disabilities, LGBT+, and homeless students. In addition to serving the general
college population, the proposed project actively involves participants from such vulnerable populations, at risk for
increased suicidal ideation or action. Measureable project goals are:

Goal #1: Create a behavioral intervention plan to include a communication and escalation plan per campus, along with training for faculty and staff to identify student of
concern behaviors.

Goal #2: Increase data-sharing and improve communication across multiple locations via a campuswide
incident reporting system. Provide gatekeeper training on the new system.

Goal #3: Improve student understanding of mental health issues, identification and intervention strategies, and knowledge of resources available. All program
activities and outcomes will be provided for the National Outcomes Evaluation, along with recommendations to further
increase mental well-being and decrease incidents of student crisis, suicide, and substance abuse at Institutes of Higher
Education across the nation.