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SPARK Talks—Short, Provocative, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Knowledgeable videos of leaders in the suicide prevention movement—are another source of information on current issues in the field.

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Director's Corner
April 06, 2018
Just one program isn’t enough—it takes multiple strategies working together to reduce despair and death in our states, communities, workplaces, health care systems, and schools.
Director's Corner
March 02, 2018
Since technology and social media are here to stay, let’s use them for good, building on the positive opportunities to increase social support and connectedness.
Director's Corner
February 09, 2018
How can primary care practices take action to prevent suicide among their patients? The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Mental Health Program and SPRC have collaborated to bring primary care staff a comprehensive yet easy-to-use resource to help answer that question.
Director's Corner
January 12, 2018
We’ve known for many years that substance use and suicide are connected. But in recent years, that connection has grown increasingly apparent in our...
Director's Corner
January 05, 2018
One Issue, One Goal—Jerry Reed Changing the Story—Jarrod Hindman Get Ready for School—Jerry Reed Start with What You Know: Using Data for Suicide...
Director's Corner
December 01, 2017
As a field, we are making significant strides in improving access to data and using it to inform our prevention efforts, with innovative work happening from the national level to local communities.
Director's Corner
November 03, 2017
Elly Stout, MS, SPRC Director, Education Development Center, Inc. In my first Director’s Corner, I’m asking for your feedback: help SPRC better serve...
Director's Corner
October 06, 2017
In his final Director’s Corner, Jerry Reed introduces SPRC’s new director, Elly Stout.
Director's Corner
September 08, 2017
Jerry Reed asks faith communities to join us to help prevent suicide during the National Day of Prayer for Faith, Hope, & Life (September 8-10, 2017).
Director's Corner
August 04, 2017
Jerry Reed shines a spotlight on two SPRC resources that can help high school teachers and students prevent suicide.
Director's Corner
July 07, 2017
Colleen Carr and Jerry Reed ask you to use September to spread the word about simple actions that can prevent suicide and save lives.
Director's Corner
June 02, 2017
Jerry Reed argues that the key to reducing the suicide rate is sustaining our commitment to and investment in prevention.
Director's Corner
May 05, 2017
Jerry Reed introduces a new SPRC publication that will help you create linguistically and culturally competent suicide prevention materials.
Director's Corner
April 07, 2017
In this month’s guest column, Jarrod Hindman writes about the impact of traditional definitions and constructs of masculinity on suicide among men.
Director's Corner
March 03, 2017
Jerry Reed writes about the shift in suicide care to a responsibility shared by individual providers and the health care systems in which they work.