CALIFORNIA: Know the Signs Social Marketing Campaign

March 06, 2017
News Type:  From the Field
State:  California

Know the Signs is a statewide social marketing campaign that helps community organizations teach people how to (1) recognize the warning signs for suicide, (2) have a direct conversation with a person who may be at risk for suicide, and (3) help that person to locate professional help. The campaign includes an interactive website that shows people how to “know the signs,” “find the words,” and “reach out,” as well as a resource center that features materials for community organizations, including outreach materials, print advertisements, broadcast public service announcements, and resources for engaging the media in suicide prevention. Culturally and linguistically appropriate materials are available for a number of groups, including African Americans and speakers of several Asian languages. The campaign includes a Spanish-language version of the interactive website—Reconoza Las Senales. Know the Signs is a project of the California Mental Health Services Authority.

Strategies:  Identify and Assist, Increase Help-Seeking