COLORADO: Legislation Encourages Zero Suicide

August 05, 2016
News Type:  From the Field
State:  Colorado

On June 10, 2016, Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado signed Senate Bill 16-147 which authorizes the Office of Suicide Prevention to create and implement a plan to reduce the rate and number of suicides in that state. The legislation also encourages the Suicide Prevention Commission to collaborate with other state agencies and private organizations (including health and mental health care providers) to develop and adopt the Zero Suicide model and to examine training requirements for health and behavioral health professionals that can contribute to the success of Zero Suicide. The legislation specifies that the plan “take special care to include men of working age, first responders, veterans, and active duty military.”


For more information on policies that may have an impact on suicide, see Suicide Prevention Policy and Legislation.

Planning and Implementing:  Policy and Legislation
Strategies:  Effective Care/Treatment, Health Systems Change