INDIANA: Mental Health First Aid Legislation

April 01, 2015
News Type:  From the Field
State:  Indiana

In May 2015, House Bill 1269 amended Public Law 195 of the Indiana Code to create a Mental Health First Aid trading program. The focus of the program is to teach people (1) to recognize children and young adults who may be experiencing mental health problems or crises or may be considering suicide, (2) to guide them to the appropriate behavioral health services, and (3) to not label or treat these children and young adults in a way that would stigmatize them. People eligible for this training (which would be established to the extent that funds are made available) include teachers, school counselors, EMS providers, law enforcement officers, and faith community leaders.


For more information on policies that may have an impact on suicide, see Suicide Prevention Policy and Legislation.

Populations:  Youth
Settings:  Schools, Faith Communities, Law Enforcement, First Responders
Planning and Implementing:  Policy and Legislation, Education and Training
Strategies:  Identify and Assist