NEW HAMPSHIRE: Gun Shop Project

March 06, 2017
News Type:  From the Field
State:  New Hampshire

The Gun Shop Project creates and distributes materials to help firearms retailers and firing range owners prevent suicide among their customers. These materials include guidelines on how to avoid selling a firearm to someone who may be at risk for suicide and suicide prevention information tailored to their customers. The project is a partnership between the Means Matter Campaign, which promotes activities that reduce access to lethal means among people at risk for suicide, and the New Hampshire Firearms Safety Coalition, a group of individuals and organizations that work to prevent firearms-related suicides in the state. As of 2012, about half the gun shops in New Hampshire were displaying Gun Shop Project suicide prevention materials. The Gun Shop Project is currently being replicated in 20 other states. For more information on this project, we recommend viewing Common Ground: Reducing Gun Access, an SPRC SPARK Talk.

Settings:  Communities, Rural Areas
Strategies:  Reduce Access to Means