Coming together to care: A suicide prevention and postvention toolkit for Texas communities

Date: 2015
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Type:  Toolkit
Author:  The Texas Suicide Prevention Community Network
Publisher:  Mental Health Association in Texas
State:  Texas

This 2015 update to the suicide prevention and postvention toolkit focuses on safe suicide care related topics as well as Texas specific information. The goal is to make this a practical resource that community leaders can use in efforts to prevent suicide deaths in Texas and provide action steps to take in the event of a suicide.

Populations:  Youth, Men
Settings:  Schools, Health Care, Communities
About Suicide:  Risk and Protective Factors
Planning and Implementing:  Overview of Suicide Prevention, Finding and Using Data, Program Evaluation, Partnerships and Coalitions, Policy and Legislation, News and Entertainment Media, New and Social Media, Communications and Outreach, Safe/Effective Messaging
Strategies:  Overview of Strategies, Identify and Assist, Screening and Assessment, Effective Care/Treatment, Safety Planning, Respond to Crisis, Postvention