Effective Suicide Prevention Video

Date: 2017
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Type:  Video/Audio Recording
Author:  Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Publisher:  Education Development Center, Inc.

This four-minute video provides a brief overview of SPRC’s Effective Suicide Prevention Model, which can help you carry out suicide prevention efforts that are most likely to be effective. It will guide you through the three elements of the model—Strategic Planning, Keys to Success, and the Comprehensive Approach. As described in the model, effective suicide prevention efforts should:

  • Help you understand the suicide problem in your community or setting, set clear goals, and prioritize actions that are most likely to make a difference, using a strategic planning process.
  • Use a number of guiding principles, or keys to success.
  • Combine multiple efforts that work in sync to create change rather than relying on standalone programs to do so. SPRC’s comprehensive approach to suicide prevention includes nine strategies.
Planning and Implementing:  Overview of Suicide Prevention
Strategies:  Overview of Strategies