National College Depression Partnership (NCDP)


Type:  Other
Author:  National College Depression Partnership (NCDP)
Publisher:  New York University (NYU)

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The National College Depression Partnership (NCDP) is a college health consortium that utilizes a high-impact, cost-effective professional development approach to help college health systems and clinicians provide optimal care through the use of outcomes measurements and collaborative learning. NCDP utilizes facilitated coaching and emphasizes the benchmarking of healthcare quality via ongoing measurement of treatment outcomes with structured, well validated depression severity measures. Enhanced care in NCDP is demonstrated by clinical and functional outcomes data from over 2,000 students that exceed that achieved through usual community based care.

Populations:  Young Adults Ages 18 to 25 Years
Settings:  Colleges and Universities, Health Care, Outpatient Mental Health
About Suicide:  Behavioral Health Disorders, Depression/Bipolar
Planning and Implementing:  Partnerships and Coalitions, Education and Training
Strategies:  Screening and Assessment, Treatment