Pain in the nation: The drug, alcohol and suicide epidemics and the need for a national resilience strategy

Date: 2017
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Type:  Report
Author:  Trust for America’s Health and Well Being Trust
Publisher:  Trust for America’s Health

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This report notes significant increases in alcohol- and drug-related deaths and suicide, examined state-by-state with projections to 2025. In addition trend data for drug, alcohol, and suicide deaths in the U.S., it outlines a national resilience strategy that takes a comprehensive approach to prevention and intervention, and highlights evidence-supported policies, practices, and programs. Related resources such as issue briefs will be added to this website as they are released. 

About Suicide:  Data and Statistics, Behavioral Health Disorders, Substance Abuse
Planning and Implementing:  Evidence-Based Prevention, Policy and Legislation
Strategies:  Life Skills and Resilience