Preventing suicide: A resource for media professionals

Date: 2008
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Type:  Guidelines/Recommendations
Author:  World Health Organization (WHO), Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Publisher:  WHO Press

This resource briefly summarizes the evidence on the impact of media reporting of suicide, and, using this evidence, provides a resource for media professionals about how to report on suicide. It encourages caution in reporting suicide, recognizes that there are times when a suicide will need to be reported on the grounds of its newsworthiness and makes suggestions about how best to ensure that such reporting is accurate, responsible and ethical.

 The booklet is part of a series addressed to specific social and professional groups that are particularly relevant to the prevention of suicide and released under the auspices of SUPRE, an IASP/WHO worldwide initiative for the prevention of suicide.

Planning and Implementing:  Safe/Effective Messaging, News and Entertainment Media