Suicide rates by occupational group — 17 States, 2012

Date: 2016
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Type:  Report
Author:  McIntosh WL, Spies E, Stone DM, Lokey CN, Trudeau AT, Bartholow B.
Publisher:  Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

To inform suicide prevention efforts, CDC analyzed suicide by occupational group for 12,312 suicides in 17 states in 2012 from the NVDRS (National Violent Death Reporting System). The frequency of suicide in different occupational groups was examined, and rates of suicide were calculated by sex and age group for these categories.

In 2018 the CDC announced that it would be reviewing the data for accuracy. 

The Action Alliance's statement that highlights resources for suicide prevention in the workplace is also included.

Populations:  Adults, Young Adults Ages 18 to 25 Years, Adults Ages 26 to 55 Years, Youth, Adolescents, Women, Men, People in Particular Occupations
Settings:  Workplaces
About Suicide:  Data and Statistics