VA campus toolkit


Type:  Other
Author:  National Center for PTSD, Veterans Administration
Publisher:  Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) program, Veterans Administration

This toolkit provides faculty, staff, and administrators resources to support student Veterans through the Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) Initiative. This initiative provides healthcare and mental health care to Veterans, while supporting their successful integration into college and university campuses. The toolkit consists of links to useful documents and learning tools and is divided into  six sections: Who are today’s veterans?; What Are Common Adjustment Experiences?; What Can I Do to Help?; What Is the VITAL Initiative?; Resources for Training and Presentations and Additional Online Resources.

Populations:  Military Service Members and Veterans
Settings:  Colleges and Universities, Health Care, Outpatient Mental Health
About Suicide:  Behavioral Health Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Planning and Implementing:  Cultural Competence, Education and Training