2016 Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Grantee Meeting

Event Type:  Grantee Meeting
Date:  Monday, May 2, 2016 - 6:30am to Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 4:00pm (America/New_York)

AGENDA for 2016 Garrett Lee Smith Suicide Prevention Grantee Meeting

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Note: Some presentations are not included due to outdated content.

State/NSSP Plenary: State Examples of Lifespan Approaches Through GLS & NSSP

Sigrid Pechenik, New York
Morenike Murphy, Tennessee
Savannah Kalman, Oklahoma
Jacqueline Nielsen, New Mexico

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State/NSSP Plenary: Comprehensive Services State-wide and Next Steps

Mike Hogan, Hogan Health Solutions, LLC

Campus Plenary: Suicide Safer Care: Developing Comprehensive Care on Campus


Campus Breakout: Postvention is Prevention: A Community-Level Response to a Crisis Situation

Jenna Scott, The Jed Foundation
Philip Meilman- Georgetown University
Jennifer Muehlenkamp- University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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Campus Breakout: Weaving a Safety Net: Care Transitions

Luis Manzo, St. Johns
Kelly Tipton, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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Campus Breakout: Building Lasting Programs and Partnerships for Sustainability

Sulma Gandhi, University of Hawaii - Hilo
Linda Wolszon - Texas Christian University
Ryan Adams - George Mason University

Campus Breakout: Using National Outcomes and Local Evaluation Data to Strengthen Prevention Efforts and Gain Administrative Support

Sharon Fritz, University of Idaho
Bonnie Lipton, SPRC
Michael Nadorff, Mississippi State University
Christine Walrath, ICF

Campus Breakout: Extending Our Reach: Inclusive outreach to multicultural student population

Kathy Zakarian, Penn College of Technology
Sean Moundas, University of New Hampshire
Rani George, Albany State University

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View Perceived Stress Scale Handout
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Campus Breakout: Upstream Prevention: Models for Improving Wellness and Resilience Skills

Jessica Gifford, Amherst College
Lauren Davis, University of Washington

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Campus Breakout: Developing Partnerships with AOD, Interpersonal Violence Prevention and Other Safety/Wellness Initiatives

Mark Green, Wichita State University
Ann Ciaraldi, University of Massachusetts - Lowell
Heidi Zinzow and Martie Thompson, Clemson University

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View Heidi Zinzo and Martie Thompson presentation

State Plenary: Care Transitions Using Crisis Centers

Shari Sinwelski, Lifeline
Gib Sudbeck, South Dakota
Janet Kittams-Lalley, South Dakota

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Tribal Plenary: Zero Suicide in Indian Country

Julie Goldstein-Grumet, SPRC
Petrice Post, SPRC
Pamela End of Horn, IHS  Headquarters
Sean Bennett, IHS Headquarters
Brenda Manthei, Native Americans for Community Action, Inc.
Colbie Caughlan, NW Portland Area Indian Health Board
Mike Hogan, Hogan Health Solutions, LLC
Richard McKeon, SAMHSA

Plenary: Setting the Stage: Advancing Suicide Prevention

Richard McKeon, SAMHSA

Behavioral Health Technology Innovations

Dan Reidenberg, SAVE
Jennifer Armstrong, Tennessee
Rachael McNamara, College of Charleston,
Stephanie Craig Rushing, NW Portland Tribal Epidemiology Center
Shari Sinwelski, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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View Stephanie Craig Rushing presentation
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Tribal Breakout: Indian Health Service Information Technology: Suicide Data Documentation and Reporting in RPMS

Wendy Wisdom, IHS

State/Tribal Breakout: Youth Appropriate Models in Mobile Crisis

Mary Jo Whitfield, Behavioral Health Jewish Family & Children's service
Harvey Doppelt, Delware

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View Harvey Doppelt presentation

State/Tribal Breakout: Care Transitions from Emergency Departments

Lisa Capoccia, SPRC
Donna Noonan, Oregon
Sigrid Reinert, Washington
Brandon Johnson, Maryland
James Wright, SAMHSA

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View Sigrid Reinert presentation
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State Breakout: Planning for Success: How to Effectively Modify Grant Planning Based on Barriers, Changes in State Climate, and New Data

James Wright, SAMHSA
Smita Varia, SPRC
Jane Carmona, ICF

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Tribal Breakout: Tribal Evaluation Community of Learning

Bert Thomas, Muscogee Creek Nation
Bill Freeman, Northwest Indian College
Doreen Bird, SPRC
Panganga Pungowiyi and Alex Edwards, Kawerak, Inc.
Spero Manson, Fairbanks Native Association

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View Data Sharing Points handout

State/Tribal Breakout: Grants Management 411

Maria Martinez, SAMHSA

State/Tribal Breakout: System-level Data and Surveillance in Juvenile Justice and Foster Care

Teri Covington, National Center for Fatality Review and Prevention
Elly Stout, SPRC

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Plenary: Building Alliances with Campuses: Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Richard McKeon, SAMHSA
Matt Wintersteen, Pennsylvania
Deborah Altschul, University of New Mexico
Esther Tenorio, San Felipe Pueblo

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Suicide Clusters: What We Know, What We Don't Know, and Successes from the Field

Madelyn Gould, Columbia University
Jerome "Brooks" Big John, Lac du Flambeau Band of lake Superior Chippewa Indians
Nitumigaabow"Ryan" Champagne, Grand River Anishinaabeg Community
Mary Ann Panarelli, Fairfax County Public Schools

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View Jerome "Brooks" Big John and Nitumigaabow"Ryan" Champagne presentation
View Ann Panarelli presentation

The Different Faces of Crisis Systems & Services

David Covington, RI International
John Draper, Link2Health Solutions
Mike Hogan, Hogan Health Solutions, LLC

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View Mike Hogan presentation

State Breakout: Inpatient Care Transitions

Smita Varia, SPRC
Kim Walton, CHNw Indiana
Elaine deMello, NAMI New Hampshire
George Tremblay, Antioch University

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View Elaine deMello and George Tremblay presentation

Tribal Breakout: Care Transitions and Surveillance in Tribal Communities

Mary Cwik, Johns Hopkins University
Krissy Broncho, Shoshone Bannock Tribes
Becky Greear, Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center

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Tribal Breakout: Silos to Circles: Building Sustainable Approaches in Tribal Communities

Jerome "Brooks" Big John, Lac du Flambeau Band of lake Superior Chippewa Indians
Nitumigaabow"Ryan" Champagne, Grand River Anishinaabeg Community
Nickole Fox, American Indian health and Family Services

View Jerome "Brooks" Big John and Nitumigaabow"Ryan" Champagne presentation

State/Tribal Breakout: Utilizing National Evaluation Data to Benefit Your Program

Hailey Reid, ICF
Jeff Hill, Rhode Island
Tamara Perkins, Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center and NW Portland Area Indian Health Board
Barri Faucett, West Virginia

State/Tribal Breakout: Surveillance of Suicide Attempts

Pat Smith, Michigan
Chelsea Booth, SAMHSA