Men are much more likely than women to die by suicide (see Scope of the Problem section). Among the reasons for this are that they are more likely than women to use firearms in attempting suicide and less likely than women to access behavioral health care. They are also subject to a variety of cultural expectations that can contribute to risk.  

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This publication was created to help state and community suicide prevention programs design and implement projects to prevent suicide among men in...
Jeff Sung sheds light on a population with a suicide rate that is more than double the national average: men between the ages of 35 and 64.
Dr. Jeff Sung asks some hard questions about preventing suicide among men in the middle years.
This webinar is designed to support the development of best practices for suicide prevention among men in the middle years of life. Bringing together...
According to an analysis of data from the National Violent Death Reporting System, the four most common precipitating circumstances for suicides by...
Man Therapy is a tool designed to help men with their mental health. It uses humor and media to connect men and their families to facts, resources,...

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