Survivors of Suicide Loss

Losing a loved one to suicide is a traumatic experience. Individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide can experience a form of grieving that is especially intense. This experience can be further exacerbated by societal stigma around suicide. Strategies for supporting this group can include conducting outreach at the scene of a suicide, ensuring access to behavioral health services, and educating the media on responsible ways to report about suicide. 

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  • See Safe and Effective Messaging and Reporting for information on how to educate the media about responsible reporting.
  • To learn more about how to respond to a suicide, see our Postvention page.
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Recommended Resources
“After a Suicide" is a portal linking people who are grieving after a death by suicide to an online directory of resources and information to help...
This sheet lists a selection of organizations, websites, and materials that can help people who have lost someone to suicide. Many of these resources...
This guide offers information on how to create a sustainable program for survivors of suicide loss.
Developed by the Kern County (CA) Mental Health Department (now Kern Behavioral Health and Recovery Services), The Survivor Outreach Team Training...
A large study in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland found that people who experienced the death of a parent before age 18 had an increased risk of suicide...
A large-scale study in Manitoba revealed that parents whose offspring (adult and minor children) died by suicide, as well as parents whose children...

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