Youth suicide and self-harm prevention: 2017 resource guide

Date: 2017
(For resources, this is the publication date. For programs, this is the date posted.)


Type:  Resource List/Bibliography
Author:  Children's Safety Network (CSN)
Publisher:  Author

This guide divides selected resources into seven main sections: (1) Organizations, (2) Policy and Legislation, (3) Evidence-Based Practices, (4) Program Planning, (5) Campaigns, (6) Data and Research, and (7) Resources and Publications. There are subsections on (1) Bullying; (2) Family; (3) Electronic, Social, and Mass Media; (4) Mental Health; (5) Schools; (6) Substance Use; (7) Self-Harm; (8) LGBTQ Youth; (9) American Indian/Alaska Native Youth; and (10) Rural Youth. Each topic-specific section contains organizations, webpages, evidence-based practices, workshops, toolkits, reports, fact sheets, archived webinars, and journal articles, which appear in that order. 

Populations:  Youth, Children Ages 12 and Younger, Adolescents, Racial and Ethnic Groups, American Indians and Alaska Natives, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/or Transgender People
Settings:  Schools, Family Members and Caregivers, Rural Areas
About Suicide:  Data and Statistics, Behavioral Health Disorders, Substance Abuse, Self-Injury (NSSI)
Planning and Implementing:  Evidence-Based Prevention, Policy and Legislation, News and Entertainment Media, New and Social Media, Strategic Planning, Communications and Outreach