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Crisis centers, such as helplines and hotlines that help callers who are in a suicidal crisis, play an important role in suicide prevention. But crisis services can also be provided in many other settings. Other programs that provide assessment, crisis stabilization, and referral to an appropriate level of ongoing care include mobile crisis teams, walk-in crisis clinics, hospital-based psychiatric emergency services, and peer-based crisis services. These services and systems can be effective and cost saving alternatives to emergency room services and hospitalizations, and can also support safe transitions in care.

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Recommended Resources
This Action Alliance report describes what can be done to improve suicide care in emergency departments and behavioral health crisis care in general.
John Draper challenges traditional ideas about what the “best care” for people at risk of suicide is and champions a transformative perspective.
This document provides information on crisis services and provides lists of crisis lines and mobile crisis intervention teams, plus other resources.
Developed by a diverse expert panel that included individuals with mental illnesses, providers, public officials, and advocates, the guidelines...
The Memphis Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is an innovative police based first responder program that has become nationally known as the "Memphis...

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