Virtual Learning Lab: Campus Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a very sensitive, complex issue. So, effective prevention requires more than just one event or program. Preventing suicide requires a deliberate, comprehensive approach

This online learning lab consists of different modules that can assist colleges and universities with setting goals, planning, and implementing effective suicide prevention programs and trainings.

Each module consists of step-by-step guidance, activities, worksheets, and examples to help campuses move forward, overcome challenges, and prevent suicide at their institutions.

We recommend campuses go through these modules in the following order, as they build on each other for developing comprehensive and effective suicide prevention programs: Collaboration, Crisis Protocols, Mental Health Resources, and Prevention Planning.

List of Modules

This module explains how a collaborative effort is essential to preventing suicide on campuses, and includes examples and suggestions for overcoming common challenges.

This module describes how to develop crisis protocols that help ensure a campus community responds to students in distress or to a suicide in an organized, timely, and compassionate way.

In this module, campuses will learn how to make sure that mental health resources are available and accessible to students in need.

This module will assist campuses with creating awareness campaigns and other programs and trainings that address problems at their institution related to suicide.