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Website: It Only Takes One (public awareness campaign)

Recent Developments and Legislation 

In 2012, the Illinois Department of Public Health received a Garrett Lee Smith youth suicide prevention grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to offer gatekeeper training, increase awareness, conduct a consensus meeting and educate professionals.

Release of three issue papers- "Suicide and Older Adults", "Suicide and College Students" and "Sexual Orientaion, Gender Identity and Youth Suicide"
For several years (FY12, FY11, FY10, FY09, FY08) the General Assembly appropriated funds to the Illinois Department of Public Health, to be granted to Children’s Memorial Hospital – Child Health Data Lab, to implement the Illinois Violent Death Reporting System.
2010 -- Launch of "It Only Takes One" suicide prevention public awareness campaign
It Only Takes One was developed to help create an Illinois where no is touched by suicide. It Only Takes One is a suicide prevention public awareness campaign funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health and operated by Mental Health America of Illinois.
2010 -- HB 4672
Amends the school code and adds school social workers who work with pupils in grades 7 through 12 to the list of persons who shall be trained to identify the warning signs of suicidal behavior in adolescents and teens and shall be taught intervention techniques. Adds participating in or presenting at in-service training programs on suicide prevention to the list of possible professional development activities for teacher certification. This act is also known as The Jason Flatt Act. Illinois is the fifth state to pass The Jason Flatt Act, joining Tennessee, California, Louisiana and Mississippi. (Introduced 10/29/2009.)
2009 -- Release of "2008 Suicide Prevention Report" in May
2008 Suicide Prevention Report to the Honorable Governor Patrick Quinn and the Illinois Legislature
The General Assembly appropriated funds from 2008-2010 to the Illinois Department of Public Health for suicide prevention activities. The funds were granted to Mental Health America of Illinois to develop a public awareness campaign, promote local suicide prevention efforts, provide data analysis, in addition to develop and enhance the capacity of professionals (e.g., in the fields of aging, corrections, human services, higher education and schools.)
2004 -- HB4558: Suicide Prevention, Education, and Treatment Act
An amendment establishing the Suicide Prevention, Education, and Treatment Act requiring that pilot programs must include major public awareness campaigns, statewide prevention conferences, and provide training and programs for suicide prevention. Sponsor: Rep. S.M. Pihos (Public Act 8/11/2004).