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Website: It Only Takes One (public awareness campaign)

Recent Developments and Legislation 
2015 -- Suicide and Older Adults (Issue Paper)

Issue paper entitled "Suicide and Older Adults" was updated and released.

2015 -- Suicide and Access to Means (Issue Paper)

Issue paper entitled "Suicide and Access to Means" was released.

2015 -- Webinar about Hope for the Day (May 2015)

Illinois Department of Public Health’s webinar series on Highlighting State and Local Suicide Prevention Programs in Illinois - This webinar series will serve as a platform to connect agencies to existing initiatives, develop a network so organizations can identify appropriate resources for referrals, increase agency's awareness of resources in their area and help them stay informed of suicide prevention activities so agencies can garner support from multiple settings.


First installment of the Illinois Youth Suicide Prevention Project webinar series, “Using the Illinois Violent Death Reporting System data to understand the who, when, why and how behind suicide in Illinois.


Re-launch of the newly-designed It Only Takes One public awareness campaign website.


Release of the “Suicide and First Responders’ Role” issue paper


Collaborated with the Illinois Public Health Association and Illinois Suicide Prevention Alliance to host a training with institutions of higher education on a comprehensive approach to suicide prevention. Promoting Student Mental Health and Preventing Suicide: A Blueprint for Action was held on July 24, 2013 at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. National expert, Laurie Davidson, presented on the scope of problem, explored problems the participants see on their individual campuses; provided an overview of the Jed Foundation/EDC “Campus Mental Health Action Planning” framework and discussed forms of collaboration and strategic planning. Participants also learned from campuses in Illinois who currently or previously received funding for campus suicide prevention from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration – the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Trinity Christian College.


On June 20, 2013, host a consensus meeting in Springfield with 50 leading state and community-based stakeholders around this subject. The goal was to expand shared knowledge and to use collective wisdom and reflection to create consensus on priorities for improving youth suicide prevention policies and practices in the health, justice, education and human services delivery systems.


In 2012, the Illinois Department of Public Health received a Garrett Lee Smith youth suicide prevention grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to offer gatekeeper training, increase awareness, conduct a consensus meeting and educate professionals.

Release of three issue papers- "Suicide and Older Adults", "Suicide and College Students" and "Sexual Orientaion, Gender Identity and Youth Suicide"