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South Carolina

Website: South Carolina Suicide Prevention Coalition

Recent Developments and Legislation: 
The Suicide Prevention Coalition now has developed an organizational guidelines. The Coalition has five ongoing committees ie: Education, Statistical, Events, and a Survivor Group. We also have included a guide for Ad Hoc committees, as needed.
The number of Survivor Groups has increased with the Greenville area leading the way with numerous groups for different age groups. You may call MHA SC for information at 803 779-5363.
Youth screening programs are being planned in a least two school districts across the state
We have developed two Ad Hoc Committees: *Schools - One committee is working on a possible legislature requirement for Suicide Prevention training for all school teachers and school support staff. *Crisis Centers - A committee to investigate the feasibility of presenting a Tool kit such as SAMHSA's Liveline Tool kit to Crisis Centers in SC.