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Website: Minnesota Department of Health

Recent Developments and Legislation: 
The bill changes provisions for long-term care, adverse health care events, suicide prevention, doula services, developmental disabilities, mental health commitment, alternative care services, self-directed options, nursing facilities, ICF/MR facilities, and data management; requiring a safe patient handling plan to include persons exhibiting suicidal intent or behaviors. Sponsors: Paul Thissen and Cy Thao.
The Minnesota Legislature provided MDH with $1.1 million annually to begin implementation of the state plan (Ch. 9, Art. 1, Sec. 45). The primary focus of this funding is grants for community-based programs to implement evidence-based suicide prevention strategies targeting high-risk populations.
At the request of the Minnesota Legislature (Ch. 245, Art. 1, Sec. 3), the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) issued a report on suicide in Minnesota, including a state suicide prevention plan.