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New Jersey

Website: New Jersey Department of Children and Families

Website: New Jersey Department of Human Services

Recent Developments and Legislation: 
House Bill 3582 - Requiring DHS to develop procedures to enable hospitals to promptly transfer emergency department patients with mental illness to appropriate treatment setting.
House Bill 3583 - Requiring DHS and DCF to establish standardized admission protocols and medical clearance criteria for admission to behavioral health care facilities.
Assembly Bill 3584 - Requiring DHS and DCF to identify available mental health services and perform needs assessment.
NJ police recruits are required to take training about suicide prevention and mental health. Given how frequently they deal with suicide and mental illness on the job and how they are at higher risk of suicide themselves, they will learn about the signs of depression, coping with stresses, and getting help.
House Bill 244 - Establishing involuntary commitment to outpatient treatment for individuals in need of treatment, which applies to some suicidal individuals.
The Governor's Youth Suicide Prevention Advisory Council continues to meet monthly to discuss legislative concerns about suicide terminology and reporting requirements as well as prevention program issues.
New Jersey trains 300 participants in protocols for responding to suicide.
An act requiring the State Board of Education to include two (2) hours of instruction in suicide prevention as part of professional development for public school teaching staff and to revise the Core Curriculum Standards in Comprehensive Health & Physical Education to include suicide prevention instruction in an appropriate place in the curriculum of elementary school, middle school and high school pupils. Sponsors: Asm. R. Morgan, Asm. M. Panter, Asm. C. Stanley (Introduced 3/10/2005). Identical bill: S2622. To view the bill, please follow the link provided and select Bills 2004-2005, then search for A3931.