Micro-learning provides short, targeted learning experiences. Each micro-learning resource provides relevant, practical information to help you build skills and improve outcomes.

SPRC micro-learning resources can be viewed at any time on any device, so they’re always at your fingertips.

Watch this brief video to learn from a suicide attempt survivor about the types of hospital care she found helpful.
This brief video describes strategies for developing a safety plan in collaboration with someone who is at risk of suicide.
Watch this brief video to learn what “lived experience” is and how partnering with people with lived experience can guide service design and delivery.
In this brief video, a suicide attempt survivor shares the type of care that is most helpful after leaving a hospital.
Our new seven-minute video describes the PSS-3, a tool developed by the University of Massachusetts Medical School.
This video provides a brief overview of SPRC’s Effective Suicide Prevention Model to help you carry out suicide prevention efforts that are most likely to be effective.
This nine-minute video describes the unique role that emergency department (ED) professionals can play in preventing suicide by providing five brief interventions prior to discharge.